T- Kits make it easy, fun, and inexpensive to'Create Your Own'   T-Shags and accessories.
* T-Kits come in two sizes:  Hobby and Pro
* All T- Bundles and supplies are available seperately
* A full range of T- Colors are available
Although easy to make there really are things you should know about working with T-shirts or you can end up with a mess!  Both kits contain everything you need to get started. The hardest parts are (1) finding a full range of colors in the right size  t-shirts and (2) hand-cutting t-shirts. Beyond Infinity has done the hard parts - saving you time and money. T-shirts and four types of  Bundles are available in every color we offer plus two types of Bundles based on mixed colors.  You can restock your favorite colors and/or add new ones and any supplies as needed.
You can be a Shagger!
If you love creating, designing, and making things, you'll love T-Strips!
If you've always admired things that other people make but thought that you couldn't, you'll love t-strips! Like an artist you choose your t-strips colors like choosing paints- but you don't need a lot of skill or talent!
"T-Shags" are really fabulous alternative to a scarf or necklace. Each one is made by mixing/matching colors of strips and then adding details, particularly yarns. You can also make braceletes. headbands. fascinators, anklets, boot bracelets, key rings, a doggie harness or whatever else you might dream up. Like other "fabrics" t-strips are a material  and its just unbelievable how many different things you can m
T-Shags make a great hobby for making your own unique fashion statement or giving a unique gift that can't be found in a store.  You may even sell a few from time to time. The Hobby Startup Kit is is just perfect for the person who thought that they could never make anything and was afraid to try.  You can do this!  Just follow the 'easy to read and understand'
instructions that come with your Kit and you'll be truly amazed! 
                    T-Shags Hobby Startup Kit $99

There are lots of ways to be in business for yourself - and maybe you already are! Maybe you're an independant consultant for a direct sales company in clothing, cosmetics, or jewelery. Maybe you have a booth in a Craft Mall or are a professional crafter or would like to be.  Perhaps you've been looking for something to sell on Facebook or a website. Whether you're thinking about a single item or category or looking for something new and unique to  add to your lineup, take a look at T-Shags and T-Shags items. They're unique, creative, easy, and profitable! Start up costs are low,

What you can do is up to you!
Colors come in a "Color Bundle" of a single color which has both circular and straight strips,  and has a 1:1 ratio to a T-Shag plus some extra strips- like to make a bracelete or headband. The three hardest parts about making T-Shags has already been done for you: First is finding colors (stores only carry 6-8 colors at a time), second is hand cutting strips (blisters and aching hands). The third hardest part is actuly the "know how" . With our T-Shag Pro Startup Kit for only $199. You'llget everything you need except scissors and yarn. It includes20 or more Color Bundles enough to make 20 T-Shags plus some other items and YOU choose the colors. The kit includes "how to" instructions and a (patent pending) T-Strip Portable Stretcher Board - the ultimate tool for making T-Shags easy. 

Start Up Kit Check-Off List Statment

___T-Shag Tote Bag                           $ 4.00
___T-Strip Stretching Board                30.00
         ___3 Pegs/$1 ea incl.
___(2) Stacking Grid Risers ($4)          8.00
           ___Cloth Tape                             2.50
           ___Cotton Cord                          2.00
           ___Fabric Glue                            3.00
           ___Nail File                                  1.00
___DIY Findings Packet                         5.00
___Basic Instructions                            5.00
BUNDLES: You make your own color selections.
___(20) Circular Full                       
             Bundles /43.50 ea*                 70.00
___(5) Straight Bundles/$1.00             5.00
___Start Up Kit Price      $ 99.00
___Additional Bundles /$3.50              ______
___Additional 1/2 Bundles /$2.00       ______
Shipping                                                 _______
(Notes pertaining to T-Kits):
1 Bundle=(6) 1" and (1) 2" circular srtips
                    Plus (6) 1" straight strips.
1 Bundle=(6) 1" straight strips. Match 5.
*You may substitute any number of Circular Bundles for 2 Half Bundles with no additional charge for startup order only
$30 Flat Fee unless otherwise noted.

Information will be up really soon, we promise. But if you have a specific question(s) please email me at [email protected]