"Even I Can Do That!"
                                                             1.  Like an infinity. The #1 Favorite way to wear the Beyond Infinity scarf is to do Nothing!*
2. Scoop Neck. Position scarf on shoulders above bustline.
Tack with smaill safety pin inside center back or shoulders.
                                                         3. Shoulder Scoop. Shift neckband to shoulder and secure with a Pin.
4. V Neck Dickie. From center of twist pull twist in both directions
until scarf is as wide as possible. Lay flat. Close jacket.
                                                        5. Not a Man's Tie. Use any kind of ring, pin, or elastic bracelet to hold the "sides" of scarf together.
6.Pinned Up. Pick up from bottom center, twist backwards. Pin on top of left side of scarf.
                                                           7. Petite Look-a-Like. Place ring on scarf 2"-3" below neckband.
                                                                                                                Fold to one side and pin. Flip pin to "inside".
Easy! You can do these too.
                                                            8. Mock Turtle. With neckbands centered, hold scarf with thumbs 
                                                                                          at the "loops" formed at the ends. Place neckband at back of neck and pull 2 loops to the                                                                                                 front. Secure with Beaded Scarf Ring pin, brooch, or twisted elastic bracelet (anything that                                                                                               opens/closes) 
                                                            9. Double Mock. Same as Style 8. but with two scarves slightly twisted together.
10. Choker. Like the Mock Turlte but twist one end of scarf several times before securing.
                                                     11. Back Flip Jobat. Starting at bottem of scarf, pull thru styling ring until ring
                                                                                          is at base of throat. a) Make a loop of scarf by bringing bottom of scarf over ring
                                                                                          from front to back. b). Keep a loop in place until scarf is about 2" past loop. Spread                                                                                                             evenly.       
12. Jabot on the Side. Shift bottom of scarf to left side ;even up with loop. Secure eith pin on tie-tac.
                                                            13. Ascot. Like the Jabot but End of scarf is looped from back to front; tuck inside V- Nck or open                                                                                                       collar.
 14. Twisted Knot. Twist the "sides" together and tie into one big knot.
                                                          15. Butterfly Bow. a) Pinch together. b) Pull together. c) Spread apart. From outside edges shake scarf                                                                                                           loose; let fall naturally. a) Pinch just the edges (no excess layers) of each side of scarf                                                                                                         together in the center of the scarf (see"ring" in drawing). b) Pull both edges together                                                                                                         about 2" thru ring. c) Place thumbs in center of each side near ring to "curl" edges                                                                                                             "under" and grasp edges with fingers. Make a couple of short tugs; "scrunchie"
16. Side Butterfly. (Most elegant of the Betond Infinity styles.) Move center seam of
neckband to collarbone. Pinch edges of each side of scarf and shake loose.
Follow previous instructions. Return neckband to back of neck. (Tack scarf in place.
                                                         17. Bangle Pendant. a) Place bangle(s) in center of scarf. (For right handed; reverse if left handed)                                                                                                                       b) Place drape end and loop of scarf over left wrist. c) With right hand                                                                                                                                   grasp bangle(s). With left hand grasping neckband and right hand grasping                                                                                                                           bangle(s), move hands away from each other. This will pull loop end over                                                                                                                             wrist and into a half knot over bangle(s). e) Use styling ring to                                                                                                                                                   hold scarf sides in place.
                                                          18. Bangle Double. Same as #17 with 2 scarves.
19. Bangle Dangle. Add focal, charms, old pendant, or ID badge to bangle(s).
                                                           22. Necklace with a Twist. Chain, Beads, or Pearls that are longer than the scarf and have a clasp                                                                                                                                    may be "twisted" around scarf. Pin one end of open clasp of necklace to                                                                                                                                center of Beyond Infinity neckband. Placeon a clothes hanger in front of                                                                                                                                 you, then you have both hands free to twist necklace around scarf; clasp                                                                                                                               when necklace is fully twisted; excess will fall to bottom center.

23. & 24. Windsor or wyndham. Forget that scarf is circular! Dont Think- just start tying sides like sleeves of a sweater as though sides are not connected. Start right over left slip knot. Two loops are formed as there are no loose ends; one top, oe bottom. 
21. Pull bottom loop through top loop.
22. Pull top loop through bottom loop.
                                                          25. Wyndham Jabot. Loosen sides of knot  but do not undo. Fluff sides, tuck bottom inside;                                                                                                                                     secure.
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