Beyond Infinity Scarves is our web address because Claudia's patented Scarf with Twist generically named by the patented agent who examined and approved Claudia's application for a patent is the core item of the business and all other fashion itemsand accessories are created as coordinating items for the scarves and carry the same name as the scarf for it's identification. Over the years this scarf has proven itself to be the best scarf ever with numerous repeat customers as well as many new ones. Most of our our customeshave told us that our Beyond Infinity scarf is truly the best scarf they've ever had. So many customers have referred to our scarf as the best scarf ever that we know if they go looking for us on her the web, and have forgotten everything else about the business, as soon as they see 'best scarf ever' they'll think " That's got to be it". And for anyone searching for scarves in general, because scarve are really, really a major long term trend, and people who never wore scarves are now wearing them, wouldn't they consider :the best scarf ever" worth taking a look?
                    Beyond infinity is Claudia's trade mark name for her patented scarf. This was the original first ever scarf that was made based on the infinity symbol. When Claudia. first started making, using, and selling her unique creation, women wold often hold up and ask "What is this?" Claudia would answer "its a scarf that you put on like a necklace- you don't have to do anything. You can wear it just the way it is" When women who have never worn scarves put them on and look in the mirror, the most frequent responce was "Even I can do that!" In fact most of the styles in the Styling Brochure for Beyond Infinity are so easy that the first 7 styles are titled "Even I can D That".