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Pinks, Violets, Purples, Plums

3-25 Featherlite (L- Crepe)

3-26 Vera (M-Crepe)

3-25 Pale Pink (XL-Chiffon)

3-25 Pink Glitz (L-LTC)

3-27 Bubblegum Confetti

3-26 Stripes (H-Satin)

3-27 Tie Dye

3-27 Marbelled Pink (L-Textured)

3-28 Cherry Mirakesh (H- Crepe)

(L- Chiffon/ Metalic)

3-27 Pink HoneySuckle (L-LTC

3-27 Pink on Pink Flowers (l-Georgette)

3-28 Victoria (M- Microslik)

3-28 Pink Abstract Blossoms (L-Georgette)

3-28 Pink Rose
Abstract (H-Textured Satin)

3-28 Star Bloom (L-Textured)

3-30 Violet Splash (L-Georgette)

3-28 Maypop (M-Silky)

3-29 Magenta (L-Chiffon)

3-30Violet  Butterfly College (L-Georgette)

3-31 Lavender Carrington
(M- LTC)

3-30 Violet Plaid (M-Silky)

3-30 Fleur-de-Leis(M-Georgette; Grey

3-30 Stem Blossom Overlay (L-Chiffon)

3-31 Expressionist Bloom (M-Georgette)

3-31 Lavender

3-31 Lavender Spring (L-Chiffon)

3-31 Sheer Lavender (L-Chiffon)

3-33 Purple Strip Blocks (L-Georgette)

3-32 Joseph's (M-Microcotton

3-32 Marbelled Purple (L-Textured)

3-33 Purple (L-Chiffon)

3-35 Petite Designer Blocks (L- Chiffon/ Glitz)

3-34 Red Roses on Purple
(L- Chiffon)

3-33 Wildflowers (L-Textured)

3-35 Deep Purple (L-Irridescent)

3-36 Plum Timescape
(L- Chiffon)

3-36 Very Dark Plum Purple (L-Rinkled)

3-36 Collage Blocks (H-Satin)

 Corals, Reds, Burgundies                     Periwinkles, Blues, Navies