Ready to Order?
What?!?...       A Web Site with no "Click to Order" Button? Sorry! For too many reasons I can't yet set up a cart.   So Here's What You Need to Do:
1. Sorry, but you'll have to find a pen and a piece of paper and write down the names of the items you would like to order and, if there is a number with it, write that down too.
      Remeber that Scarves, T-Shags, and Earrings are all $16.95 each but if you order 3 or more items then they are only $14.00 each.  Really simple, 3 or more and each item is only $14 [email protected] .00 - affordable, and easy math.  And just in case you're doing some major wardrobe updates and/or perhaps doing some gift shopping as well, the tenth item is free!  Flat fee shipping is only $5 no matter how large your order (except T-Kits).
2.  Once you know what you want, email your order to me at [email protected] 
     If you can't find what you want give me a call at 404 493-2011. I never have everything I've just made photographed and on the website.  If you have any questions just call or email.
3.  Here's a check-off list for  what you need to include in your email:
       ___Name, complete shipping address, phone(s)
     ___Items you wish to order
     ___Any questions you may have
     ___Coupon Code if you have one (Use code "Website" if you don't)

4.  I'll email you with an order confirmation and total amount of your order w/shipping. If I have any questions
     or think maybe I should make a suggestion or discover I no longer have what you wanted I'll let you know.

     You can decide your preferred method of payment:
          1) Include credit or debit information:
                 Card No., Expiration date, code on the back
             2) Give me a time frame to call you to get this information
                  over the phone if you don't want to include it in the email
             3) Plan to mail a check
 Before submitting your order take a minute to double check it for accuracy and make sure that it is complete.  

5.  Once I ship, and I'm only set up to do USPS, I'll email you the tracking number.  

6.  If you're not as happy as you thought you'd be then check out our Gaurantee for return information.
     If you're as happy as I hope you'll be then please tell your friends, family, and even strangers, to check out my website and look at Events to see if you can check out my wonderful items in person.        
Thanks, I know this isn't as easy as a cart but this is what works for me for now.    Claudia