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Corals, Reds, Burgundies

2-14 Coral Oblong Strips
(M- Mico Silk)

2-14 Coral Blossoms
( L- LTC)

2-15 Geisha  Watercolor
(H- Satin)

2-15 Winter Garden
(XL- Sher Chiffon)

2-20 RBW DeMarco (H-Crepe)

2-18 Swirled Mosiac (H- Satin)

2-16 Red Georgette
(M- Georgette)

2-15 Bamboo (L- Chiffon)

2-21 Red Roses on Purple
(M- Crepe) 

2-23 Abstract Zebra
(H- Satin)

2-24 Burgundy Bellflower (L-Chiffon/ Embroided)

2-20 Strip Blocks ( H- Crepe)

 Yellows, Oranges, Rusts                                             Pinks & Purples