Claudia Dabbieri is an entrepreneur, inventor, dreamer, and self-employed business person. For the past twenty years, she has made a living creating and selling her Beyond Infinity Scarves and coordinating accessories. She holds a untility patent for the ' best scraf ever', and it is the core product of business. Claudia is also an artist. Her business actually originated with her original art earring. She came up with the scarf when customers kept talking about "what" to wear with the earrings- musing about what was in thier closets. A scarf would be the perfect answer.... except most women don't know how to style or tie a scarf. So Claudia invented the first original infinity scarf and - to make it the best scarf ever-pleated the neckband for better draping and flat, narrow positioning. Now she hand-paints earrins in four sixes, beginning with studs no larger to coordinate with scarves. They are miniture award-winning original works of art. Each earring is a 'one-of-a-kind' tiny painting. These works includean eclectic myraid of artistic styles that span every color group. In addition to the scarves and earrings, the best quality hand-made
Whitney Salter is a young writter and aspiring entreprenueur. As a child she loved to create her own jewlery accessories and plans to one day own her own accessoriy business. Mrs. Salter is an independent contractor for Byond Infinity Scarves website. She also has studied Commerce and Information Technology and is on the track to recieve a bachelors in Business Administration at Virgina College in Birmingham, AL. She also handles the day to day work for the website. In othe words she is the Web Mastor.
ABOUT US- Beyond Infinity is the name of the business because this is the trademark name of the scarf which is the core item of the business and each item in it's own way fits the 'beyond' infinity symbology. In many ways Beyond Infinity could easily be several different businesses. The purpose of the business is to make fashion "easy" for the average person. The "easiest" way to do this is with the use of mix and match accessories that are easy to coordinate, easy to purchase, easy to style, and easy to personalize
GUARANTEE- We know that what you see may not be what you get - not all monitors "see" color the same and not all fabrics "feel" and drape the same. And we're human, sometimes we make mistakes. We really do want you to be happy with your items. We will accept any RETURN for REPLACEMENT, EXCHANGE, or REFUNDS within 30 days of purchase. Items should essentially be in the same condition as recieved. Please do not make any alterations to any item before returning it.
30 Days-No questions asked!*
30 to 90 Days- You may  return any item or items for a full credit or exchange.
Requests for refunds will be made for less a 10% restock fee.*
90 Days After- You may return an item or item that we still continue to offer for a
full credit or exchange. Request for refunds will be made less a 25% restock fee.*
RETURN POLICYRegardless of the reason for your return we want you to be happy with us. If you wish to rutuen item(s) please assist us in handling your request by following these instructions: 
Mail scarves and other accessories to Beyond Infinity * 307 W Green St. * Marion, AL 36756
Do not send C.O.D.
Either return a copy of your original order or include the following information on a single sheet of paper:
                   1. Name and complete mailing address, and email address.
                   2. Include phone nubers and times you may be reached in case we have questions.
                   3. Describe item(s) you are returning with item numbers if possible and when recieved.
                   4. Although you are not required to provide a reason for the return it may help us do a better job in the future if you give us a                        reason.
                   5. Please tell us if you prefer a replacement, an exchange, a credit, or a refund.
REPLACEMENT- Likely you want a replacement because something was wrong with what you recieved, Please save us some time by stating what the problem is, We want to make sure that we don't somehow make the same mistake twice.
EXCHANGES- On the paper above please identify (specifically if you can) what you wish to recieve in exchange for your item.
REFUND POLICY- Requests for 'retuens will generally be processed within 5-10 business days of reciept or returned item. If your payment included a discount for volume your refund will be for the discounted amount. Shipping and handling will be excluded from the reund unless the return is due solely to our mistake. Allow 7 business days for refund to be processed.
CANCELLATIONS & CHANGES- You can cancel or make any changes prior to shipping. Regarding changes you shold be as precise as possible by prooviding the same information you would with a return.
UNDELIVERED ORDERS- If an order is not delievered and is returned to us we will make an attempt to contact you for further instructions. Failing that we will treat the item as a return and process a refund.
SHIPPING/HANDLING- We charge a Flat Fee of $5- regardless of the size of your order. All shipping is USPS ground- otherwise we'd charge more! We do not charge your card until we are ready to ship/ You may cancel an order at any time before it has shipped. If we have any problems or concerns with your order we will email you regarding your options. Most scarf orders are readily available and will be shipped in 3-5 business days. Counting for shipping time you should allow for 7 business days. Most accessories will be made to order. Keep in mind that accessories you see on the web site are not mass produced but representative examples of the made to order accessories that are available through Beyond Infinity. Production time for accesssory orders will be scheduled as recieved and you will be notified by email of an approximated shipping date. As previously stated: 
                     You can cancel any order before it has been shipped.
                     Your card will not be charged until it is ready to ship.
SAFE SHOPPING- Your safe and secure shopping is important to us. Your credit card transactions with us are 100% safe as our secure server software (SSL) is the e-commerce indusrty standard and encrypts all payment information when you make a purchase.
PRIVACY POLICY- We do not share any customer information for any purpose whatsoever. Your personal information wil never be used by anyone outside of Beyond Infinity. Financial information that is collected is only used for the current order and then desroyed; it is never stored. You also have the option at checkout to pay through PayPal.
PATENT INFORMATION- Scaft with Twist is U.S. Patent No. 5,867,835. It is violation of Federal Regulations to MAKE, USE, OR SELL a patented article without the express permission of the Inventor. Claudia Dabbieri does not give verbal permission to anyone to make, use, or sell he scarf. Those who have permission to make, use and/or sell her scarf either have purchased scarves wholesale, have a contract with Claudia Dabbieri (with limitations), or are licensed with a certificate that must be displayed. Both Claudia and Federal Regulationd require that any and all sales include informationpertainting to the article being patented. Any and all actions deemed necessary to prevent others fo unlawful use (proprietary theft) of her patented article willtaken. If there is evidence that a person had knowledge that the article was patented and knowingly made, used, and/or sold the patented article, the person will be required (or sued for) triple damages(standard). A reward is offered to anyone who provides us with informationregarding violations of Federal Laws as they pertain to this patented article.
CUSTOMER SERVICEWe want you to be happy with your purchases. We want to do business with our customers the way we would like for other businesses to do business with us. If for any reason you need our help or need an answer to a question that you do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns. Please take just a couple of minutes to read through our policies before you submit your order. Know that we always strive to do our best to do right by you and that you are most appreciated.
We Sincerly appreciate your business. If you have a suggestion for how we can make our business better we''d love to hear from you.
Claudia & Whitney